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There are a lot of hotels which are very good but very few which end up leaving a lasting impression after we’ve left. Soulitude was one of the latter. As a hotel it does not boast of 5 star amenities, or of long lost heritage mid 17th century palaces. It is simply what its name suggests, a place to get some solitude for your soul.



Manish Chandra is a small-time hotelier. He runs two hotels with 17 rooms. He addresses all the pre-booking calls himself — at times up to 50 calls a day. He may be small-time, but he is not a garden lodge operator catering to backpackers. For starters, Chandra’s properties are deep in Uttarakhand, one overlooks the majestic Himalayan range, and the other is by the serene Kalsa river.



A place that vanishes all your city stress and provides you all the solitude you wished. Located on the banks of Kalsa river at Chanfi Village, ‘Soulitude by the River’ is just 25 kms away from the hustling city of Nainital, yet quite distant from it.


Soulitude by the Riverside is a beautiful property on the foothills of mountains takes the breath away.

It is not a big property in comparison to other properties in hospitality industry, just has 7 rooms currently. Three rooms are part of the original house which was made many decades back. It was a typical village home with a cowshed,a kitchen and a bedroom which now is converted into a single storey suite consisting of 3 rooms and a lobby. The roof has skylights which fills the place with dramatic interplay of light and shadow. Other 4 rooms are housed in 2 double storeys structure.


‘Cookin in pajamas’

After about one and half hour of trek, we decided to walk downhill crossing some local homes and smiling women doing their daily chores. The guarding dogs always greeted us with their barks, as compared to the cows/buffaloes who didn’t seem bothered. The homes, as we saw, were always painted bright in colours of blue, green, pink. There is a lot of use of Batan-Una (Pata-varvanta as we call in Marathi! It is a flat stone and a grinding stone used to process different kinds of foods), mud vessels, metal utensils and food cooked on wood burning village stove. A typical Village stove is made of mud and stones and the fire is lit with the charcoal and/or wood.

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‘Cookin in pajamas ‘

There are some experiences in life which cannot be described in words. I am sure each one of us has gone through this. A moment which could only be felt but expressed, a dish which could only be tasted than reviewed, a scenic beauty which could only be seen through the eyes than captured in a camera or the love that touched your soul than just showed. Well, last few days i have gone through all this! I couldn’t find the right words (still can’t) to pen it down for all of you. But I will try my best to bring out the soul of my experiences, so you can walk down the memoirs with me!

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Fresh mountain air, spectacular snow-studded views, long nature walks and warm hospitality—Soulitude in the Himalayas has just the right amount of ambience for a laidback vacation in the hills. Miles away from the chaos of the city, this hillside vacation home offers a luxurious getaway in the lap of nature.

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Soulitude | Payal

Ever been to a hotel that doesn’t feel like a hotel? And in a good way. The perks are there: room service, delicious and varied food, someone to look after your every need, to fulfill your every wish. Someone to pick up the towels and change the bed linen, to give you hot cups of tea after your long, chilly trek to the peak of the mountain, which anyway is just a day’s walk away.

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Mini Mathur On Diving, Travelling & Her 8 Hands

What’s your home away from home?

‘Soulitude by the Himalayas’ and ‘Soulitude by the Riverside’! These are not just my summer havens but these are the places where I want to be when the world ends.



Mountain getaway

Ramgarh’s idyllic beauty cast its spell on none other than Rabindranath Tagore and it’s easy to see why, says Prerna Raturi

One reason for that is Soulitude, a lovely holiday home in Gagar, Ramgarh. Initially built as a getaway for its owner, Manish Chandra, and his friends, Soulitude now takes guests, although the marketing is selective and there are no deals offered through travel portals or agents. The property gives you a 180 view of the stunning Kumaon Himalayas. And of course, there is food, glorious food — everything from Indian and Chinese to continental and Italian. Fresh produce is from Chandra’s organic farm nearby.

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