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Place where my whole family I’ld love to visit again

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 30 November 2017

Ramita J

The name of the property carries the real meaning. The best thing about the property is its location just next to river away from the road. Every phase of the day has its own beauty to experience. Early morning birds chirping, pleasant weather in the afternoon, wonderful treks to pari taal, clean water, pine forest and awesome view of the sky in the night. After a long time I had seen such a clear sky. Perfect place for star gazing. If they put Hammocks and telescope it ld e perfect for this place. Special thanks to trekking guides who took us to trek repeatedly when my 6 year old asked for once more. Mr Dinesh had good knowledge about the place, he was the one who made our trek very interesting. Food was decent too just like home food. Before visiting I was doubtful that my 6 year old son may get bore as they do not have any games area fit kids but now I can say that is not at all required because my son had best time here. He played in the river, enjoyed treks. Absence of playroom bought him close to nature. Special thanks to Mr Bhaskar and the whole hospitality team for making out stay at Soltitute memorable.

Stayed: November 2017, travelled with family

Home amidst the nature

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 15 November 2017


Unlike the soulitude by himalayas where you are closer to heaven, riverside is very rooted and connects you to the earth. A very rustic, earthy feel that teleports you to village homes! The bathroom was the highlight for me, a huge stone with water flowing through it, perfectly riverside.

Please note that u need to take a short trek through the river flowing, so plan accordingly. Travel light is the tip, although you will have a porter to carry your things but the trek is not smooth.

Right from food to your needs all will be taken care of. We stayed a night and really want to go back and stay longer. The staff takes extreme care of you. And as we were coming from the soulitude in himalayas, they ensured that no item me had for lunch was repeated!

A small trek from riverside taked you to parital, which is secluded place and a waterfall. The best part of the trip os you are away from all the hustle bustle and with nothing much to do, you actually spend time mentally with your partner or family or friends whoever to trip with.

A must visit place, again unique in its own way. They even have a small farm where the grow most of the vegetables, talk to a staff and ask them the birth of the place you would be suprised by the idea, concept, detailing and the effort Mr Manish (owner) and his team put up to build a place like this! I would look forward to meet Manish someday..

Stayed May 2017, travelled as a couple

An adventure

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 5 November 2017

New Delhi, India

Mr Prithvi @ Soulitude in the Himalayas recommended us to visit their other property by the riverside. He told us that we shall be trekking a bit to reach the property but we did not pay any great attention to his comment.

When the cab suddenly took a turn on a dusty kuccha road, we thought that it is a short stretch of bad road. But, it suddenly came to a stop at a dead end next to a picturesque old cantilever bridge. A welcome team from the resort was waiting to escort us to the resort. There was no road per se and we trekked to the resort by crisscrossing the Gola river. While we were mostly unprepared for this adventure, what a great fun it turned out to be!

On reaching the property, welcome drink made with the mint grown in the premises was served and it was one of the best mint coolers we have ever had. It took away all our fatigue. When we were asked whether we are game for another trek to Paritaal, we jumped at it. The trek to Paritaal was more difficult and steeper but we thoroughly enjoyed jumping over the rocks while once again crisscrossing the river.

With all the trekking, our stomachs had started complaining and we had a delicious lunch next to the river. Served in copper plates and cutlery, the starters – baby carrots, grown in the premises, were quickly devoured. It was heavenly! Lunch was homely with low spice/oil levels and we hogged to more than make up all the calories burnt in the trek.

Post-lunch, we took a round of the property and its fruit and vegetable garden. It is a calm and peaceful place and we wished that we had one more day to stay and enjoy the serene riverside. We promised ourselves, next time.

Stayed October 2017, travelled with family

“Worth a five star”

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 3 May 2017

New Delhi, India

It’s a beautiful place hidden in Village Chanfi. The place has an amazing vibe, I think the owner has put in so much love in every little detail of the interiors that it shows everywhere. The food is fantastic, the rooms are lovely and the river flowing next to your rooms is the icing on the cake. Do not miss the Parital trek.

Stayed April 2017, travelled with family

“Lives up to it’s Name”

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 5 March 2017

Mumbai, India

perhaps the most tranquil stay of my life with best of comforts and simplicity. as informed before booking, one needs to walk about 45 minutes to reach the place. once inside, the picturesque location and top of class hospitality take over. the food is exceptionally good. for our entire stay, we had indian food. the guided walks, were great. every little thing is thought of by the team and at one of the walks, we were served hot tea on reaching the destination. A MUST VISIT PLACE.

Stayed March 2017, travelled with family

“Brilliant Resort”

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 26 December 2016

New Delhi, India

The location is exquisite, with the flowing river being the highlight. It adds a lot to the ambience and is soothing. The rest of the ambience and environment is also nature-centric, well maintained by the resort. The service is efficient, with everyone willing to help. The food is delicious too – you can’t go wrong with this place.

Stayed September 2016, travelled with family


tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 26 December 2016

Najmul A
New Delhi, India

Never thought the Soulitude by the Riverside will be such an amazing place. A beautiful waterfall and gushing streams throughout the resort is so…amazing. We stayed in a village home, the interiors of these rooms would make u feel as if you r really staying in a village house. A sweet staff is ready for assistance anytime.. Visit here for: Village life, Nature, Small streams, Good food, Dhaba food under the sky and above all a mesmerizing waterfall.

Stayed December 2016, travelled with family

“Awesome visit…lifetime memmories”

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 7 December 2016

Sonia B

Awesome is a small word to describe the property. This property is for people who enjoy bliss in solitude.We booked the village home.
Our stay was super comfortable.Rooms were spacious and well maintained,bathrooms need a special mention,they were more beautiful.
Staff was very courteous, took care of all our needs. Food was yummmy….ghar ka khana wala feel was there. Farm fresh veggies …delight for city dwellers.Dev was our guide to the trek. Dinesh happily shared his aloo achar recepie. Dharmesh made sure we were taken care,and many others whose names I don’t remember made our stay memorable. In precise it’s a star rated property which is underrated.

Looking forward to visit again.

“Serene, Peaceful and breathtakingly Romantic”

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 6 December 2016

Nishant J

Celebrated my 1st Anniversary here . To our joy , we were the only guest at the property and that led to an extremely private and personal stay here . The staff is super warm and hospitable . They even decorated the garden area with lights , balloons , cake and bonfire making our special day even more memorable .

The food was really tasty and the room was very spacious . they were gracious enough to upgrade our room and did everything possible to make us feel warm and special .

The trek towards the property in itself is quite fun as you get to cross a river and walk through bushes .

Definitely go for the trek to Parital to enjoy an amazing view of the river slide and peaceful surrounding of mountains and trees .

The benches installed by the riverside within the property makes for a romantic personal set up .

Loved evry second spent here and shall return again .

Stayed December 2016, travelled as a couple

“Solitude for sure”

tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 4 November 2016

Ritesh D

The place is very low key and quaint yet spectacular and inspiring. The rooms are beeeaauuttiiffuulll, ambience is amazing, but the river is just about ok. A quick visit to a nearby waterfall was awesome. The Indian food was superb but the guys offered us a sizzler… It was not quite a sizzler so Pls avoid that. What really took our heart away was the warmth of the staff and their amazing service.

I’m definitely going back soon.

Stayed November 2016, travelled with friends