What to carry with you

  • Guests are advised to carry sun block, sunglasses and sun hats since the mountain sun in a clean atmosphere can be surprisingly strong, especially in winters.
  • Guests will require heavy warm woolens during the winter months (temperatures can be near freezing during winter nights) and layered clothing (T-shirts / Shorts for the day and full sleeves / light woolens in the summer/monsoon months.
  • Rain-gear is advised during the rainy months.
  • Good hiking boots are highly recommended for your comfort although regular walking shoes will also suffice. Slippery soles are not advisable. An extra pair during monsoons is preferable.
  • A good camera, as Soulitude is really a photographer’s dream !
  • Paints, brushes and notebooks since ideas and inspirations flow freely (many books & film scripts have been written here).
  • If you would like to fish at Soulitude by the Riverside or at any of the tals, we would recommend that you carry your own equipment.