What’s in the Name?

Picking up from where we left off in Gagar, where the rooms are named after a soul’s journeys from its Awakening to Nirvana – here at Chanfi we continue its movement further….as Life continues even beyond Nirvana….

If a Buddha were living amongst us – how would He live it?

Life, thereafter would be a flow between the banks of duality. A Buddha would experience life in its Totality – the good with the bad, not against the bad…heaven and hell together. Just like the river flows from one bank to the other, and goes onwards with the help of both it’s banks, likewise we are here to experience both the banks of our river of life in every possible way — good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter and move onwards and grow with the help of these dualities. And this movement between the banks is possible only if one is like the river— flowing and ready to move…between the two…not clinging to one and avoiding the other…only then is there movement, growth and progress….

And the qualities of the consciousness of a person who is able to embrace both the ends of the spectrum of life becomes somewhat like this…

Shant – Desireless

At peace with that which is – and no desire to change anything whatsoever

Shant Room
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Sum – Balanced

One who meets both dualities with equanimity – neither clinging to one, nor escaping from the other

Room- Sum
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Sahaj – Spontaneous

Living moment to moment by responding to all that life has to offer without a private goal or destination

Sahaj Room
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Poorna – Whole

The word ‘holy’ comes from the word whole – who has experienced the whole / entire gamut of experiences life has to offer – the good and the bad…

Prafful – Blossoming

Since there is no conflict with life, all the energies have nothing else to do – but blossom.

Yukta – Joined – or ‘Yoked’

The word that means to be in ‘Yoga’ signifies oneness with Life…so much so that the word itself becomes meaningless and what remains is the One or just Life…

Yukta Room
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Mukta – Free

From the dualities – sounds paradoxical, but the one who is free enough to move between the dualities is actually the one who is free of them…

Mukta Room
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